Greatest Love Story: Learning to Love Yourself

Caspar David Friedrich
“Woman Before the Rising Sun” Caspar David Friedrich



I made a realization yesterday: Loving yourself is essential to good health.

I’ve had many encounters with bad health from TB to chronic bronchitis to many others. After a particularly difficult time in January, I began to wonder if some of my sicknesses were spiritually or emotionally connected. This one thought led me to try healing my soul before I tried healing my body. I buried my nose in books (I’m good at that) and sought professional help. This blog has been such a great place for me to share so many things about my little life in my little trailer with my little family, and I think it will also be a good place for me to record what I’ve been learning.

One thing I’ve learned through this journey is that there may not be any real truth. Truth is, after all, relative to upbringing, culture, family, hormones, neurons, blocked energy, etc., but there is one compass I can count on, most of the time.

Quiet. Solitude. Meditation. Prayer.

All rolled up into one it creates a pretty amazing weapon. Because only one person really knows what you’re going through. Only one person will be with you throughout your entire life.


So you better love her or him. You better spend some quality time together. Be still. Feel your heartbeat. Admire the way your feet touch the ground, the way your eyes process color, and consider what makes you really laugh–even if it’s silly old slapstick.

I’ve spent most of my life fantasizing and obsessing over some of the world’s greatest love stories. As a teenager I even naively prayed for a great romantic love story–but maybe it wasn’t so naive because I’m starting to believe that the greatest love story you can have is with yourself.

Hm. Gives “living romantically” a whole new meaning.


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