Christmas Dinner: Side dishes

Since I wrote down my post-turkey success story, I thought I’d record my Christmas plans. For the first time ever, I will be away from my parents (and my husband’s parents) for Christmas. It will be our first Christmas as our small unit. And although my husband has to work a majority of Christmas Eve and Day, I plan to take advantage and cook up some new traditions. Here are the plans so far.

martha leek bread pudding

Martha’s Bread and Leek Pudding. Jeff despises celery. We both adore leeks. I think this will be our stuffing substitute.

sprouts and parsnips

Brussels Sprouts and Parsnips. Doesn’t this dish just look like Christmas? I was hoping to invite parsnips to the table, and this way, we get brussels sprouts too. Win-win!

The desserts are much more difficult. Chocolate sounds like a perfect option, but so does something with peppermint… I would also love to try my hand at a Tiramisu. Pie is pretty traditional and usually delicious. I have fresh pumpkin puree in my freezer for this very occasion.

What desserts are classic for your Christmas dinner?


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