Historically Romantic Links: Gibson Girl Hair Tutorials


I have researched quite a bit recently concerning the hair and beauty trends of the Edwardian Age. Thanks to Downton Abbey, some of these looks are making a comeback and these tutorials are a lot easier to find than they once were.

I have a lot of great sites in my arsenal now and decided to share. Perhaps, just maybe, there is another Edwardian fanatic out there who could benefit. At the very least, I can come back and find them again and again and again. I plan to post a links at least every couple of weeks. We’ll see how it goes.

This list’s theme is Gibson Hair Tutorials. Some are very modern and so easy. I have recreated the one below in only a few minutes. I love to wear my hair up, so it’s nice to have a few more options than a bun or ponytail.


The Gibson Tuck

This is by far the easiest I have found so far and my favorite this week. I have done it almost every day. Add a cute hat and it’s a perfect modern Edwardian look. Check out Freckled Fox for this great hairstyle and many, many more.


More Authentic Gibson Hair

The blogger at Locks of Elegance has brilliant hair tutorials from a variety of eras that are some of the most authentic and easy to follow I have seen so far. I haven’t tried this style yet, but I will probably this week.

How to Get Locks like Mary Pickford

It’s no secret I adore Mary Pickford (see the first photo on this page). This tutorial is somewhat involved and requires a couple of hair accessories I don’t yet own, but rest assured, I will. They are not expensive and next time I am out, I plan to buy them and give it a try. The tutorial itself is quite funny because the stylist uses her boyfriend to demonstrate the tutorial. I enjoyed watching it and the results look very close to Mary’s actual look.

How to Achieve Sybil’s Hair from Downton Abbey

The tutorial creator of this video is very cute and creates a very nice nod to Lady Sybil. I love the end look and plan to try this as well in the coming weeks.


Enjoy. I will be posting more posts as I find them. I would love more links to awesome vintage hairstyles, so if you know of any, post them in the comments. In the meantime, follow my Pinterest board “Historically Romantic Today” for more links to modern Edwardian tutorials, makeup, and clothing ideas.


3 thoughts on “Historically Romantic Links: Gibson Girl Hair Tutorials”

  1. Yay! Another Edwardian fan! I’m currently publishing a series I’m calling Everyday Edwardian on my blog (http://www.humblebeeandme.com)—part 2, which is 3 basic hairstyles, goes out tomorrow 😀 I am having so much fun updating the looks I’m seeing on Downton Abbey (and pulling out of the archives as well). I’m planning on making myself a beautiful floor-length gored skirt next weekend as a sort of updated maxi skirt (it’s totally a costume piece… who am I kidding?). Thanks for sharing my passion!

    1. I am so excited to have you visit my site. I commented on your first Everyday Edwardian last week. I’m the one who has been following you since the beginning of Make it Count. Needless to say, I am pretty honored that you came to mine. I look forward to more Everyday Edwardian ideas.

      1. D’oh! I’m sorry I didn’t “recognize” you, it gets difficult when you’re a face-remembering person and nobody on the internet has a face :/ But yes, I remember you now 🙂 I finally got started on my skirt last night—just tracing out pattern pieces for now, but I am SUPER excited to start sewing. I caved and decided to do a shirtwaist as well, haha. I found some fantastic pre-pintucked and pre-lace-set white cotton in my fabric stash and simply couldn’t resist! I think I may also need to find the time to do at least one undershirt type thing, though, as I’m planning on making the top unlined, and it will be pretty much totally see-through 😛

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