Cherry Vanilla Smoothie


This is a delicious smoothie for breakfast or dessert. I was inspired by Giada’s raspberry vanilla smoothie and it is amazing.

I wanted a smoothie today, but not a healthy one. I wanted sweet, damn it, none of that spinachy health gag.

So here it is. Sugar and all. Totally worth it. Sometimes you deserve a treat.

Cherry Vanilla Smoothie

Combine in a Magic Bullet or other blender:
• 1 part ice
• 2 parts frozen cherries
• 1/2 part Greek yogurt
• a little water
• vanilla, to taste


Boil equal parts sugar and water until the sugar dissolves. You can wait for this to cool, but I just threw it in warm. It helped to melt the ice cubes a little bit since the Magic Bullet was having a hard time with it.

Add the simple syrup (i.e. sugar and water solution) to taste.

Blend and enjoy.

Serves one and makes a lot more than what is shown above. Halfway through eating it, I realized I needed a photo.


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