Thanks Day One: The Baby Boy

My favorite blogger (and wedding photographer) does something every November–writes what she is thankful for. I think I will follow suit (I hope you don’t mind.)

Today I am unbelievably grateful for the little man in the photo above.

Being a mom is hard. Really hard.

They never mentioned that in my church. Oh, no. Just glorified the cuddles and the smiles. It’s really, really difficult.


Holy cow.

It’s pretty wonderful too.

I am grateful that Owen is starting to get extremely interactive.

I am grateful for the twenty minutes we spent playing peek-a-boo with a chair today.

I am grateful that he dances whenever music comes on (even if it’s only a few seconds from a toy).

I am grateful that he laughs (or screams) and crawls as fast as he can away from me when we chase each other.

I am grateful for his little hum–the cutest little hum you’ve ever heard. I was changing his diaper tonight and listening to this really dissonant version of “Silent Night,” and instead of squirming on the changing table, he just lay there, humming sweetly along. He couldn’t hum the tune, of course. Just little “hmms” here and there, trying to match the sound he heard.

I am grateful for his blue eyes. Blue eyes that match my husband’s perfectly. Eyes I’ve been in love with for eleven years.

I am grateful that even if nights can be hard, he cuddles close to me and I can hear the soft pattern of his breathing.

Motherhood is hard. At least it has been for me. But those moments and so many more fill me with something that can’t be described. Something that helps me get up in the morning and keep moving during the day. My baby is special. At least he is to me.


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