O Moments of the Day

The two of us on my birthday.
  • He crawled toward me while I was perched in downward-facing dog and reached up for a kiss. Jeff wanted one too, so he asked the babe. The babe crawled to Jeff, got close to his lips, and said, “Mom-mom” (his new favorite saying). He then crawled back to me and gave me a kiss. Then, Jeff counted. “Please give me a kiss. One. Two.” Little O hurried over to his dad and gave him a cute little kiss. Coincidence or not, he seems to be understanding more and more.
  • After singing “May it Be” to put him to sleep, he let out a contented little “mmm.”
  • When I picked him up from the crib after crying, he collapsed in my arms, his head nuzzled in my neck, and his little hand clutched a piece of stray hair from my bun on the other side of my neck. 
I love him more and more and more every day.

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