I’ve done the above yoga video at least fifteen times, once in Hawaii on the balcony as the sun rose (perfect.), and have loved every second of it. Just doing it a few times a week, I have noticed a difference in the way I feel physically and emotionally. It’s only thirty minutes, ten minutes of which is spent in the corpse pose meditating. I found it through MyYogaOnline.

If you go to their website through my name, you can receive two weeks of any yoga videos free. I recommend Clara Roberts-Oss. Her voice is soothing and she is funny too, saying things like “downward-lovin’-dog.” I just signed up for three months of the site ($18) and look forward to delving into as many videos as possible. I’ll let you know how it goes, along with my favorites.

P.S. I made a five-course Titanic dinner last night. Expect all five courses, plus advice on how to plan your own Titanic dinner party, this week.


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